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Decorative area rugs are something we all love. They can create a real sense of vibrancy in any room of your home. This is when they are clean of course. Over time, with constant use they can become dirty and you lose that vibrancy they provide. This is not even mentioning the series of other issues that unclean area rugs can cause in your home. We are the carpet cleaner that can also professionally clean your area rugs, too. Keep the buoyant feeling in the rooms of your home and avoid other problems along the way. This range of services makes the us the best carpet cleaner in St Louis, we think. 

We all love to add things to our home that spice and liven it up. Rugs are a great way to add a dash of beauty and color to any room in your home. However, if they are dirty and unclean, they no longer achieve this purpose. Would you let anything else you bought sit there and not serve its purpose? We can clean your area rug so it looks its stunning best again. Delight and impress your guests with it, or simply enjoy it yourself. Return the appeal your area rug once gave your home by getting it professionally cleaned by us. 

Constant Use
Constant use equals more mess. That’s just an unfortunate fact of life. Area rugs can suffer this same fate. With the constant foot traffic that can often overtake your home (guests, pets, children for example), it can be difficult to keep your area rug clean and looking good. Never mind though, because once again we come to the rescue. Our area rug cleaning can negate the damage this constant use can do. 

Hygiene and Health 
Given its constant use and close proximity to your family, its important that your area rug remains hygienic. When you think of the parade of people, especially children and pets, that are constantly around or walking over your rug, you’ll soon realize it’s not particularly hygienic all the time. On top of this, just like carpet, area rugs can host dust, mold and mites that can be harmful to health. Stressing about this isn’t necessary though. We are the area rug cleaners that specialize in making sure your area rug is clean, safe and hygienic. No matter what use, or abuse, they get. 

Value for Money 
Like with any purchase, you want the flash new area rug you buy to get you real value for money. In many cases, once they get dirty or the unseen things build up enough to be seen, people often throw their area rug out. What a waste! Our professional cleaning can get your area rug cleaned up for and save the hassle of buying a new one (and wasting money in the process). Not only this, but regular, professional cleaning can actually extend the life of your area rug and get you even more value and years out of it.

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